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Project Tigger

We build a Tigcraft framed FireBlade endurance bike

Gareth Piggott and Roger Ford will ride this in next year's KRC 6-Hour Endurance Series.

Martin at Tigcraft is using Gareth's race bike to develop a new frame for Honda's popular FireBlade.

We already have a tuned engine, and some RC45 forks. With the promise of endless publicity from Fast Bikes who will feature the bike as "their" winter project bike, Gareth's Super-Blaggo-Machine will leap into action.

Lightweight wheels, disks, calipers and bodywork should see the bike tipping the scales at 150kg dry - 35 less than the road bike. Engine blue-printing by Dynotech should get us to the magical 1 bhp per kg - 150 bhp at the rear wheel.

Watch this spot for a blow-by-blow account of building a special

And we're not just talking about a magazine project - this one has to be ready to race at the start of next season!

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